No Pak guests !

 The news item quoted below, if true, is a retrograde step. It amounts to saying that all Pak nationals are trouble makers.

Terrorist never made it known in advance that they are Pakistanis. Only on investigation we are able to find that they

are indeed either Pak nationals or their chumchas. So instead of making such public statement why not you keep a track

of all those suspectable charactors?

Pak guests at Mumbai Trident – National News – News – MSN India – News
"Even you must have heard that government of India has made it clear that no Pakistani should be allowed (in hotels)," Trident hotel’s President Rattan Keswani told reporters here. Guests of other countries would be allowed in the hotel, he said adding.Keswani said "the hotel was not closing any reservation channel because of the terror attack. All our reservation systems will be back as they always were." "We need to be careful in trying to find out the identification of individual and from where the person comes from and keep a record of the same," he said.There were no Pakistani employees in its establishment, Keswani added.


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