Tallest statue


It was in the year 2001 that the Bamiyan Buddhas grand statue was destroyed by the Taliban in Afghanistan. The great sculpture of this magnificent statue was from Tamil Nadu. Right thinking people all over the world condemned the destruction of this gret heritage of Afghanistan. Buddhist in China has gone one step ahead by building the world’s tallest monument for Lord Buddha. It is The Spring Temple Buddha . It derives its name from the nearby Tianrui hot spring, which spews water at 60°C . It is renowned in the area for its curative properties like Kutralam of Tamil Nadu. The project as a whole was estimated to cost ₹ 3500 crore. A monastery is beneath the statue. Approximate heights of top 5 notable statues in the world are as follows.

1. Spring Temple Buddha 153 m
2. Statue of Liberty 93 m
3. The Motherland Calls 91 m
4. Christ the Redeemer 39.6 m
5. Statue of David 5.17 m

(Picture curtesy Wikipedia)


One Response to “Tallest statue”

  1. Raghavan P K Says:

    India’s would be PM candidate Narendra Modi is building the world’s tallest statue at a cost of almost $340 million (Rs. 2074 crore) in honour of one of the country’s founding fathers. This is a project he might be using to undermine his chief rivals, the Gandhi-Nehru political dynasty.

    The statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, who was first Deputy Prime Minister under Jawaharlal Nehru’s PM ship and his Home Minister but often at odds with him. The statue is to be built on a river island in Gujarat, the home state of both Sardar Patel and Mr Modi.

    Mr Modi, who is Gujarat’s Chief Minister and the leading Opposition candidate for Prime Minister in general elections due next year, is to inaugurate the construction of the statue on 31st Oct 2013, the 138th birth anniversary of Patel.

    “Every Indian regrets Sardar Patel did not become the first Prime Minister. Had he been the first Prime Minister, the country’s fate and face would have been completely different,” Mr Modi said on at a public function a couple of days ago.

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