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Euthanasia seeker recovers

August 12, 2008

A gold medallist from BITS Pilani, who found herself seeking mercy killing after being bedridden with an orthopaedic ailment, has now received an invitation from President Pratibha Patil…Click msn news lik for full report.


Rule of 9

May 20, 2008

During fire accidents people suffer from burns.Normally we hear doctors saying some thing like the patient has 60 percent, third degree burns etc. An ordinary person may not understand this. What was meant by such remarks by doctors? For the knowledge of children I am trying to explain it here.


Simply put it, it is a rule of 9. The human body is divided into 11 areas for the purpose. Head, Upper limp, Chest or upper front, chest back or upper back, abdomen, lower back, thigh and lower limp are these areas.  If you take each part as 9% and multiply with 11 areas mentioned out get 99 percent. Say cent percent.


 Then for the level of suffering is expressed in degree such as First second and third degree. First degree burns are that affected outer layer. Second degree is where blisters are formed and third degree refers to deeper burns afflicted on the body.